What To Do When You Have To Get Your Teeth Pulled

Dentists are no fun to go to.  When you go to the dentist most of us will go there because we are in pain.  We are in pain because we haven’t taken care of our teeth, had an accident where our teeth are now damaged or broken or we need to have a procedure that involves surgery.  No matter what the reason, no one wants to go to the dentist unless they have to, especially for tooth extraction aftercare hagerstown.

Brush your teeth

When you go to the dentist it is good practice to brush your teeth and do other oral hygiene work.  This means floss your teeth, use mouthwash and don’t eat anything that could leave a bad odor in your mouth.  Some people find it funny to go to the dentist after eating onions and garlic.  This is not a good thing to do and it isn’t appreciated.

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Don’t eat anything before your appointment

It is a good idea to avoid foods before and after you go to the dentist.  The reason for this is if you do need surgery or if you need some type of medication feed may interfere with it.  You will also want to avoid eating anything after your appointment as well.  Depending on the procedure that you are undertaking your teeth or gums may be very sensitive and as a result, you can have extreme pain when eating.

Go with a friend

You want to go with a friend.  After a dental procedure your mouth will be sore and sensitive.  When this happens you won’t want to or be able to drive home.  For this reason, get picked up and taken home.  Also, when you get home make sure that they help you get settled for the rest of the day.  After most procedures you won’t want to do anything but sleep.

Finally, make sure to schedule follow up appointments with your doctor.  These appointments will assure that everything that he has done to your mouth are still in effect and nothing has to be changed.